Welcome, welcome, welcome!

You have just arrived to my new blog, my first blog.
My name is Petrus Maria and I am born in the year ’89. My roots are in the southern parts of the Netherlands but currently you’ll be able to find me in Amsterdam.

What kind of person am I?

I am just me, just a simple normal guy. If you know some Dutch people you could define me as a real Brabo. Brabo’s are people from our province Noord-Brabant. I love adventure, traveling, culture, sports and negotiating (Future work-aholic here!)

What kind of reading material will I have to offer?

You will be able to read a little about Lifestyle and matters that cross my mind. But more importantly, in this blog you will get to know how to earn money with a website. You will follow my journey 2 success from a new guy learning everything by its own to hopefully becoming a professional. As I mentioned before, I never wrote a blog before and neither did I ever make a website. I learn everything from scratch!

So sit back, relax and enjoy! I hope that in the near future a lot of interacting will take place so that we can help each other out, Cheers!

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