What is Google AdSense?
Via Google AdSense you have to possibility to show advertisement on your own website. If your visitors click on these advertisements, you will receive a few eurocents from Google. Of course the provider of this advertisement will be the one paying you through Google, Google is the intermediary in this case.

Google AdSense Approved!
Finally it works! My Google AdSense account has been approved and activated. This means that from now on I am allowed to show advertisements on my website. My euphoria is enormous and I started right away to get this going. But there is a Dutch saying and it goes like this: “Haastige spoed is zelde goed” which means: “Haste makes waste”.

Because what did I find out? I placed an advertisement banner at the bottom of my website, in the footer. And this banner crossed my content and therefore it was (obviously) unreadable. Which looks unprofessional and ugly. So in my search for help I found this website: Google AdSense Support

Within 1 hour after writing my question about my banner I already received a reply. Which stated: “Have you already read the terms and conditions of Google AdSense?” Because I haven’t done so already, I should hurry because I am in violation of the terms and conditions. I was flabbergasted… but why? Google took 2 days to review my website and approved it, so why would there be anything wrong?

Terms and Conditions
So I quickly read the terms and conditions to see what I did wrong… and I saw it immediately. I need to adjust quite some to make sure I will not get a permanent ban from Google AdSense and to make sure to keep them happy. So please read their policy before you apply for AdSense to make sure you will not be banned for life by Google. AdSense Policy

Just now I downloaded the Cookie Pluging, this was one of their demands in their policy. In the upcoming days I will read through the rest of their policies and adjust my website where needed. Google is your friend, let’s keep it that way!

Hopefully everything will go well and I will be able to earn my few eurocents. I am quite excited to be honestGoogle AdSense Journey2success!

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