Read here all about the latest tricks and tips for Pokemon Go! But there are some cheats too!
Do you want to know how to (almost) instantly hatch your 10km egg? Or how to find and catch a rare Pokemon, even Mew!?

Pokemon Go is the newest Pokemon video game that got released on July 6th. Millions and millions of people are playing around the Globe. Fun fact: There are moJourney 2 successre than 1,3 million active players within the Netherlands but it’s not even officially launched!

Anyway, to go back on almost instantly hatching your Pokemon Eggs… if you have an old record at home, you know, these things >

Put your phone on it while the Pokemon Go app is still active, it thinks you are walking and will hatch your eggs without moving from your couch, amazing isn’t it? I know, it’s again the entire “go out there and catch Pokemons” motto. But hey, be creative!

What about catching Mew in Pokemon Go? Owh I bet you want to know all about it, buuuutttt….
I am writing a blog about how to earn money whit blogging. And currently, you, as a reader are involved in my experiment. Some people are so desperate about luring readers to their websites that they write about different topics just to get more people to their website. Most commonly people tend to save pictures with pornographic texts as it’s “document name”, because it’s one of the most googled topics, people can be drawn to your website while they are looking for something completely different.

So I am sorry if you came here to find out how to catch Mew in Pokemon Go, but at least you got a free tip regarding the hatching Pokemon eggs. P.s. here you find great tips about Pokemon Go: Forbes Nevertheless I am writing about what you can do to make you website more attractive to readers. But I also have to write about the don’ts. In this particular case, I have sinned myself to demonstrate the effects of it.

I do however, want to share the outcome of this experiment with you. So come back soon to see how it went!

Owh and Pokemon fans, happy hunting! And if you catch a Mew, please let me know where you caught it!

Journey 2 success

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