Who would have guessed? I personally didn’t pay too much attention to it. Why you ask? Well to be honest I thought that the UK was bluffing, a Brexit would never happen. I didn’t thought they would go these lengths to vote themselves out of the EU. The last couple of days it was obviously more and more in the news and it got my attention again. Also then I started realising that the threat was bigger than I expected before…

General information about the Brexit can be found here: BBC – Why did the UK Leave the EU

Journey 2 success Goodbye UK
Why UK, why?

This is my main question I currently have, why do they want to leave the UK so badly? Most of the people that were interviewed said that they do not want to have any more foreigners in their country. (of course I know that these small scenes were picked to increase the drama). However, there was this one guy being very dramatic that the UK is not what it was anymore and also he mentioned that the foreigners were a threat. Note: this guy had such an Indian accent, he wasn’t even born in the UK himself.

One thing was clear when I listened to all the interviews, the UK has too many problems and the EU is forcing laws upon the UK that they do not agree on. Well UK, you are not that different. We all face the same struggles these days. Therefore we need each other also more than ever before. A Brexit was never the answer.

What will the future bring for the UK?

My predicament is that the UK will face serious problems, Scotland and Ireland will leave the UK. France will no longer block the road for immigrants to the UK, it’ll be their problem from now on. Big organisations with its HQ in London will move to Amsterdam and importing from the mainland will be much more expensive. International laws and negotiations will be made with the EU and England’s vote will not be as strong as it was when being part of the EU.

The EU

For the rest of us out there in the EU, stay strong – we’re better together!

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